Forum Thread: Finding time for self.

Hi! I'm new here. How do you relieve stress? How do you make time for your self? Because I am having a hard time finding time to pamper myself. Raising children is a 24/7 job but we also need a break right? I'm looking forward for this years summer because my children will be going to wilderness camp. Hooray!  

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I have heard the best way to relieve stress is yoga but everyone is different so it might not work. I have read and interview counselors on teen stress. I could ask a counselor how could parents handle stress. 

My son is going to summer camp near here as well. :) As much as I love him, an alone time for awhile sounds great. I will miss him very much but his head is all for the summer camp already. He loves doing activities outdoors and is meeting some of his friends there. A win-win situation for the both of us.

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