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School Surveys

Here is my investigation on Teen Stress Base on FTA.

QR/ER on Stress

One of my Essential Question for my project is:

  • How could teens alleviate stress?


Most teens do not know what is stress.

Procedures/Testing Methods:

My tests are going to out from the surveys. The results that I gather I will test them out with some help from students.


            I assemble my data by my surveys. I had gone over the results in ways that I was able to understand and clear it for myself. I will admit I had to redo my surveys, my questions for my surveys and my graphing several times. It was not a simple process, particularly when I had about 100 surveys but some of the question was not fill out and I had to throw it away and end up with 92 surveys.

            I have noticed most adolescents believe they recognize what is stress, but they actually do not. This is a predicament that tells me they necessitate additional information about stress. My hypothesis base on this survey came out to be incorrect, but yet again there are some adolescents that actually do not recognize what is stress and things that they believe is right might not be a good idea to alleviate stress. The outcome of the surveys tells me that adolescents need to know additional information about stress.

            The reason I pronounce that some adolescents do not understand stress is because while I was doing research on stress I had read that sleeping might not be the best solution to alleviating your stress.  Is like taking any type of drug to forget about a particular problem. Yet once again when you are over with it the drug your problem is still there. That is why I say teenagers are unclear on what is stress.

            My data prove my hypothesis wrong, but the 61 (66%) people that said they understand stress. That is more than half the people that took my survey. I said they are wrong because some of those 66% said the alleviate stress by sleeping. Which was 40 out of 92. Another reason why I say that adolescents do not know what is stress is because we experience stress all the time, everyday. Stress is a part of us being alive like it or not we are always stress. When we are presenting or going through any new changes in our life, even walking, our body experience stress all the time. Yes there are good stress and bad stress, which is unhealthy to you.

            Very few knew what is the correct way to alleviate stress but they might not be aware of it. One of the reasons I say this is because exercising is the best way to take off the anger. Very few students put that they do sports or do some physical movement to relax their mind. This is a way I know I need to look up more information about ways to relax with out doing some physical exercising.

School Surveys

School Surveys

For male and femals I was very close of gathering 50 males and females. I came close but it was not enough.

School Surveys

For people who put "No" as expericeing stress they are wrong because everyday you experciernce stress it is just hard to notice.

School Surveys

For this chart people who said that are expercing stress they were ask to rate their stress. 1 being not stressed and 4 very stressed.

School Surveys

I was trying my best to get everyone, but it was stressful figuring out who had taken the survey already.

School Surveys

In how do you alleviate stress, students were able to choose as may options as they wished. This is the part where I am going to test out with the help of my peers.

School Surveys

Knowing the age group I am able to tell that most of my data came from ages 15-16.

School Surveys

I still think most adolescents do not know what is stress but this is what proved my hypothesis

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