News: What is good and bad stress?

What is good and bad stress?

Good stress is also known as Eustress (Short-term stress). Is the stress that keeps you alive. The motivation you have to meet a goal. Eustress is also positive stress for example, studding to pass a math test.

Bad stress is also known as Distress (Negative Stress). Is the stress that your body goes through when it is over work. Examples of physical symptoms are headaches, dry mouth, Rapid breathing. Another example if a relative dies you have that stress to deal with also known as Acute Stress. Is the type of stress where you need other people help to get back to normal. There are other examples of Acute Stress; usually Acute Stress does not last long. Chronic stress is very negative stress it is usually there for months, weeks, or even years. 

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What about migraines does distress cause those? Is too much of a positive stress bad for your health?

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