News: What causes teen stress?

What causes teen stress?

What causes stress for a teen is a lot of different things. Most of the common ones are:


Family Problems


Having a Job


Not fitting in

Any extra Activities/Over Scheduled

Yet lot of the teens problems come from their homes but remember where you live could be different from another teen. Example the other teen could be living in an abusive house and you might not. 

Reasons why teens get stress out.

Death of a love one (Parent, Bother, Family, Boyfriend or Girlfriend, Friend...etc...)

Change of study habits

Divorce of your own or your parents



Breakup with your boyfriend or girlfriend

Sexual identity

Financial Problems

Injury or Illness of your own

Trouble (fights, arguments, etc...) With parents, Girlfriend or Boyfriend, etc...

Homework and school demands

Sleeping less/Not being able to sleep

What other people think about you

Start working

Change in you habits (Start to eat less or more, begin smoking/drinking, etc..).

New work experience

Health Problems

New responsibility

Working and going to school


Outstanding or achieving something personal or in school

Staring school, Ending school, Changing to a new school

Weight concerns

Body image

Too many activities     

Not doing well in school

Problems with friends

Preparing for college

Birth of a sibling

Being bullied

Gaining new Responsibilities

Getting fire or being expelled or suspended from school.

Fear of failure

High expectations

Living in a unsafe environment (neighborhood)

Changes in their bodies

Negative thoughts and feelings about themselves

Brothers or sisters

Things that a teen could do to alleviate their stress is to increase their physical activity. Teens should also rest and sleep the require hours of sleep. Do not stay up late you will make it difficult for your self to focus during the day.  Another thing you could do is talk to someone like a good friend that you trust and most importantly relax.

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