News: Where can I get help?

There are many places where you can get help. If you are under 18 you will need your parents to take you, if anything the counselor will need to talk to your parents to see what is your home situation. Remember the counselor will not say anything to your parents or anyone else unless you want to harm yourself or anyone else. If you are 18 and older you could sing up for yourself to receive help. You could get help from places like HOPICS, (For Teens) and People Who are.

News: Is stress genetic?

Is stress genetic? No it is not. How we deal with stress is not genetic. Is how our parent’s deal with stress that we adapt form them. Many parents have busy schedules and might not have the time to talk to their children about their own problems. Yet there are some parents that think teens and children might not be dealing with stress. We might also not have any emotional support by our own parents and they do not under stand us. We also do not have “realistic” expectations from our parents....

News: Why do teens do crazy things?

It is not that they do crazy things they do not know how to deal with stress. It is more likely for a teen to make a “bad” decision when they are under stress. Teens' brains are not yet developed; your brain is fully develop around the age of 25. That is why an adult will response better under stress than a teen.

News: Why does stress occur?

Stress happens because is part of being alive. We all experiences stress even our pets. Stress is there to keep us alert; there are two main types of stress short-term stress and long-term stress. Short term could be (example) when there is a fire you flight or fight response will turn on. You will either stay there of look for your safety. A long-term stress could be the stress that you might deal with a lot of the time from work to your home. It is the complex problems that it seems you can...

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